CL CIE-1 (Course and Instructor Evaluation) (08/04/2020)
Texas Real Estate Commission
P.O. Box 12188
Austin, Texas 78711-2188
Phone: (512) 936-3000
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Name of Provider
2 Old Chicks on Real Estate
Title of Course
Name of Instructor
Avis Wukasch & Kerri Lewis
Dates of Attendance
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Do you have any additional comments regarding this course, the provider or the instructor?
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5. The instructor communicated clearly and effectively.
4. The instructor was well-prepared and knowledgeable in the course topic.
3. This course increased my interest in similar real estate topics.
2. After completing this course, my knowledge in this topic has increased.
1. The learning objectives for this course were clearly stated.
11. I would take another course from this education provider.
10. I would take another course taught by this instructor.
9. I would recommend this course to others.
8. Attendance was monitored by the instructor or provider.
7. The course started and ended as scheduled.
6. The instructor encouraged feedback, class participation and interaction.
Was there a topic covered in this course that was particularly useful or something you would like to see more of
in CE courses?